24 hours in NYC

Tyler and i just got back from an awesome little week long adventure! 

IM BACK. life for the past little bit!

HI FRIENDS! its been a little while. i haven't blogged for a good like 4 months. which is crazy! i think when school was ending and there were finals and i picked up and started a new job... life was just wayyyyyy too hectic for any blogging time. so i got behind! lots was happening but i had no time to post anything. but then i was like, wait! i need to remember my life! i need to remember these moments. i blog for me. i blog as a journal of all my memories. the happy times + adventures in my life and all the things i want to show my future kiddies :) 

so anyways, here's some pics/details of whats been happenin' over here!

- lots of time spent at school finishing up the semester! so much on my plate i almost drowned lol
- i started a new job! i am a medical assistant at Grandview Family Medicine in Provo. i absolutely love it!
- Christmas was amazing! Tyler made me a new desk/office and i got him lots of new clothes. we spent lots of time with our families of course and loved our first Christmas together in our first little place. <3
- i started running! like a LOT! i've always ran but i started training more diligently and it has become my new all time fav
- we spent new years at the cabin with the Peery clan and it was a party! 

- we welcomed 2017 with lots of changes! i started working full time/took a semester off school. it has been so great! i am learning so much at my new job and i love being there. the extra money has been sooo great too. Tyler started back at UVU as well taking a few classes!
- we took a weekend road trip down to Vegas with Savan and Aydels! we surprised them and just started driving ;) they were so shocked. we loved it!
- Tyler and i have been working on lots of projects together! we re-did our front room and got a new couch + sold our table and Tyler made us a new beautiful one! i love it.
- we announced that WE ARE MOVING TO ARIZONA! crazy eh? Tyler is going to ASU starting Fall 2017, so we will be moving down in July! so stoked for this new adventure!

- i chopped my hair again! i love it!
- Malia and Casey got engaged! he proposed before his last basketball game/senior night. it was so cute. so excited for them! May 5 is the big day
- lots of photoshoots which are always fun hehe and also a fun little girls night with some friends!
- celebrated Ky's birthday!
- lots more running! i also signed up for another 1/2 marathon. booyah. April 22 in St. George. training like crazy and ready to beat my previous time
- celebrated Valentines day with my lover!

- took a day trip down to Goblin Valley! we did valley of the goblins, lunch, then the long little wild horse 8 mile 4 hour hike. it was nuts. but it was awesome!
- Tyler and i celebrated ONE YEAR of being married! we went up to Park City for the night which was so fun. i cannot even believe it has already been a year.
- bridal shower dinner for our girl Meggie at macaroni grill! such a party.
- Tyler and i also took a trip down to Grand Cayman for a few days last week! i am going to do a whole post on that, and our layover in NYC. stay tuned.
- last night was Mia's first bridal shower with the Evans side. so fun! 

life has been so crazy and busy but so great! tbh, there have been some hard times for me the past couple months, but i look back at these pictures and realize how blessed i am and how great life is. happy saturday, and happy Conference weekend friends!