weekend partying with the Peery fam!

wow. what a perfect weekend. seriously, the best. words can't even describe how much Tyler and i really needed this! it was so good to see the Peery's too. i missed them so much. makes us wanna get home and see the rest of the fam // the Horton side! had no idea how much i missed everyone until this weekend.

Peery's arrived late Friday night. and man, sooooo good to reunite with them. i made us all mexican food for dinner, and we chatted all night long! also Tyler and i were fortunate enough to have hookups here and made a huge mega bed so we could all stay together at our little place :) which was sooooo fun!

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at the cutest little place by the ocean front in Virginia Beach. delish. we then spent a few hours swimming in the ocean which was a blast! it was rainy/cloudy but we didn't mind one bit! Saturday night we went to Sushi -- BEST. and then took them to one of our favorite lakes.

Sunday we went to church -- super fun to have Savan and Aydels teach primary with me so Tyler could go with Christian and Greg to Priesthood! after church... Sunday nap. then, we had an awesome outdoor BBQ with the Elders! for sunset, we headed down to Sandbridge beach! Tyler and i love this beach the most. we took family pictures there and stayed until dark... catching crabs and also taking 1000 more pictures hehe. it was seriously the best.

Peery's loved Sandbridge so much -- i don't blame them! its soooo pretty. -- that today we got up early, went to a cute local diner for breakfast down there, then spent the morning swimming in the ocean again! boogieboarding and jumping in the waves.... i seriously loved it. so much. i also love this suit. which is from Target, ps!

Peery's had to jump on their plane this afternoon and i may have shed a tear or two after we had to say goodbye. i can't wait to be home with them soon. -- also, we took the cutest family pics on the beach. i'll post them soon!

anyways, BEST WEEKEND EVER. i love my family. 


  1. oh my gosh K (yes I'm calling you "K" as if we lived in the upper east side), so cute!! you take the best pics.
    xoxo L

  2. Where is your swimsuit from? So cute!!