grand cayman island

 i figured i should probably post all the pictures from our last vacation before we go on our next one hahahah. my bad! life just gets so busy, ya know? but i really try to keep up with my blog... obviously not doing too hot but alas! here i am! with lots and lots of pics of seriously the BEST TRIP EVER. 

Tyler and i escaped to Grand Cayman Island after claiming 2 buddy passes and connecting with some friends who are currently living there! our new friends Maicy and Clint have been living in Grand Cayman for a few months now for an internship, and they offered for us to stay in their second bedroom for a few days -- and boy am i glad we took them up on their offer! because wow. 

the night we got there we chilled at a little beach right by our place. we took lots of pictures and just looovveeedd on that blue water. pictures don't do it justice! also don't you love how white we are day 1 and 2? hahaha hello winter bodies!

on day 2 we decided to rent a car! which was an awesome choice. we were able to see so much! our first stop was starfish point. THAT water was soooooo clear! unbelievably clear! i have never seen anything like it. we held starfish, did some tanning, and also snorkeled a bit. 

 next stop was rum beach! another way cool location on the island with lots to do. we walked the beach/dock, had some yummy lunch, and actually got to be part of some filming for a new TLC show! haha watch for us this August! 

we were seriously so blessed to have our own personal tour guides... because we seriously wouldn't have seen half of these things/places without our new friends! our last place for day 2 was Spotts Beach. and holy cow. sooooo dang cool. we were able to see turtles! lots of them! 

our friends had to work on this day, so Tyler and i spent the day together exploring a bit more of this beautiful place! we walked into town, did more snorkeling/laying out, and took lots of sweet pics, then eventually met up with Maicy and Clint for dinner and a night walk on the beach! i also got my hair braided. such an islander hehe. 

every day just kept getting better. seriously. on our 4th day we booked an excursion to go to Sting Ray City! and GUYS. this was probably the coolest thing i have ever done. i remember just telling myself over and over and over again that i have to bring my future children back here one day. because everyone should be able to experience it! you cannot visit this place without doing this. we seriously played with huge live sting ray forever. it was insane. 

after our fun little excursion we layed out by the sickkkeesstt pool ever. and got burned. but worth it! 

we weren't sure how many days we would be able to stay because we did ride stand by flights, but the flights looked good one night for the next day, so we decided to take it. especially since we got stuck in NYC for 24 hours on the way there! i was so so sad to leave. it was the most beautiful place, EVER. seriously, just look at that view from the plane!

hope to see you again one day, Grand Cayman. you were such a beaut!

Tyler and i are off tomorrow morning for quite the adventure. we are backpacking through Europe for 2 months! i am stoked! we have been planning for this trip for over a year now. so yes, excited is an understatement. get ready for lotsssss more pics! xx


  1. Oh my God, what a beautiful and striking place to be. I think everyone on this earth should visit cayman. Your pictures are amazing. Looking forward to your next trip pics.

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