a day trip to st. george

BEST surprise ever on monday! 

Tyler picked me up from work and told me he had to make a stop at UVU to turn in a paper, so we hopped on the freeway. all the sudden Tyler was missing every. single. exit. haha i was like TYLER! EXIT! Tyler jokes with me aaa loootttt, so when he said "oh, we're going to st. george." i definitely did not believe him. it took about 3 more missed exits until i was like, wait are you serious? woooooo! my family had gone down Sunday for spring break, and Tyler and i were both so jealous. so glad Tyler pulled off this surprise so spontaneously! 

even though we were only there for 24 hours, we made the absolute best of it, and it was seriously so much fun. my parents rented a house with a pool/hot tub and a ton of beds that was right on a huge golf course. if only we could have stayed longer!

we went to the temple yesterday morning. it was so beautiful. 

after eating some lunch, we went on the coolest hike ever!!! it's down in a tiny tiny town called Kanarraville... and it is seriously so amazing. you start out on the red sand and end up hiking most of the way IN the river! so sick. 

back to reality today... although we are escaping Provo again this weekend for another adventure!! can't wait. also, we got all 655 wedding pictures back this week and i can't wait to share!

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