how to host a successful pop-up shop!

hi friends! so as previously mentioned here and all other social media platforms -- IG, FB, etc... i am the event coordinator for the Shop Stevie pop-up shops! Shop Stevie is expanding like crazy. it is Utah based, but it has grown so much, that there are now REPS that sell Shop Stevie clothing, all over the U.S! and hostesses host at home pop-up shops to sell them, and get free clothes for doing it! it has been so much fun, and people have jumped on this adventure to embrace the opportunity more than we could have ever imagined. it is growing faster than we can even keep up with! 

so if there are TONS of girls hosting pop-up shops {especially and currently in Utah County}, how can each one be unique? how can we get enough people to each pop-up shop, and how can we make them successful? i am writing this post, because as the scheduler/coordinator... i get this question from every single girl hosting a pop-up shop! 

we have already seen, and do not wish to experience again, an unsuccessful pop-up shop. if, as the host/rep, you do not do your part to advertise your pop-up shop, no one will come. which is so sad! so i am here today to list a BUNCH of ways to advertise/announce your pop-up shop so that when the day finally comes, and the clothes are on the racks, and you are ready to go.... more people come than you could have ever imagined! people you don't even know! now wouldn't that be nice? i think so. that is exactly what happened when my sister and i hosted one of the first Shop Stevie pop-up shops... we only actually knew a handful of people that came... the rest were complete strangers! 

whether you are a rep or a host, hosting your pop-up shop needs to be successful!

okay, enough pictures! -- lets do this thing! 
how can i best advertise/announce my Shop Stevie pop-up shop?

SOCIAL MEDIA -- i think this one is pretty obvious, and definitely the first go-to! there are so many different and awesome social media platforms, that its for sure the best way to quickly announce it to hundreds of people! instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, periscope, etc. etc. but as we have all seen, there are now announcements of pop-up shops pretty much every single day! so how can you make yours unique?
    --- design your own post/logo for your shop!
    --- do a giveaway of an item of clothing {talk with your rep about this one!} at your pop-up shop + announce it on all forms of social media days before so people can tag their friends, leading to many more people seeing your post
     --- write something unique on your photo or post pictures of what will be sold at your shop! talk to your rep about the things that will be sold so you can announce it!
     --- make a facebook event! invite all your cousins, aunts, neighbors, your mom's friends, especially those who don't have instagram or haven't necessarily heard of Shop Stevie!
     --- announce on different social media platforms on different days. i think this one is crucial! don't drive your followers crazy. they will want to kill ya if you announce it on IG everyday haha. figure out what works for you!
      --- post pictures {especially snap chat videos!} the day of once everything is set up!

WORK WITH REP -- definitely necessary! now there have been many times when you as a host may not know very far in advance who your rep is, but right when you know, work together! the rep actually makes the money for the event, and you are getting the free clothes, so it is important that you are both on the same page, and that you work together to get the most people there possible! in many if not most instances, you have different friend groups. so you could actually get double the amount of people there if you really work togehter and plan ahead!

WORD OF MOUTH -- super super super important! tell all the young women in your ward, then again in relief society. tell your mom's friend and all her besties. have your little/big sis invite all of her friends, tell all the girls at school! invite your nurse at the doctors office, and your checkout lady at Target. also the girls at the mall. you would be surprised how fast it will spread if you just tell everyone and anyone! it has actually been proven that the best way to advertise something is word of mouth! 

COLLABORATE -- this is an awesome idea that a lot of people get into. this is something that my sister and i did as well, and it really created a lot of hype! work with other companies to bring things to your event. now i totally understand that this is not possible for every person. but if it is, go for it! my sister emailed The Sweet Tooth Fairy and was able to get a bunch of treats brought for her event and she advertised for them too! which they absolutely loved! there are so many ways to collaborate, and companies are always willing to work with you, especially if it means advertising for them too, so don't be shy! 

GET CREATIVE -- i have seen separate IG accounts for several pictures of the clothes being sold at the event, i have seen flyers made and passed out locally, and i have seen posters/marquee ads, and i have even seen food trucks/photo booths brought to the event! --definitely work with the rep on this one :) but it's really up to YOU how successful you want your pop-up shop to be, so go the extra mile!! it will pay off in the end, right?

i have really seen that those who get into it and really go the extra mile, those who invite anyone/everyone to their Shop Stevie pop-up shop, really do get the most people at their party.

Shop Stevie is growing so much that the pop-up shops are almost becoming a competition! so how many people can you get at YOUR pop-up shop??!!


*** have questions? want to host your own Shop Stevie pop-up shop?
email me!

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