visiting Tyler's mission in Gilbert

we just got back from a full weekend in AZ! since Tyler returned from serving his LDS mission there just 6 months ago, he has wanted to return and see everyone, and especially introduce me to his favorite place ever!

we brought his brother Christian along with one of Tyler's former mission companions, Kaio, as well. we visited a bunch of people that Tyler taught/baptized as well as members + neighbors. we also visited a sweet cactus farm from an area Tyler served in (literally in the middle of nowhere! ha!) plus we got to visit both the Mesa and Gilbert Temples. so prettttyyyyy! we'd both LOVE to move down there. it is hot but 9 months out of 12 in the year, the weather is perfect!!!

hahaha there are some pretty great stories about how we got there and came home that i must include. soooooo we drove about an hour and a half south down to a tiny town called Scipio when our car was having super bad issues (problems that we did resolve before hand but just keep getting worse! dang vibrating when we drive!) we realized the problem was worse than we thought and had to turn back to get a different car. better safe than sorry. that, and driving home all the way through the night (pulling an all nighter) to drive home, + Christian got a ticket... it all made for some bumpiness but regardless, we had the greatest weekend ever!!

anyways, here are a few of the pictures from the trip! 

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