celebrating 21

 yesterday i turned 21! it was the most perfect day. so happy i got to spend it with my husband Tyler, and i am so grateful for everyone who made it so special, near and far! 

Tyler surprised me and we went down to the beach in the morning. we got breakfast and walked the pier/boardwalk which was so much fun! he is so sweet. i also opened a few gifts from my fam in the morning. Tyler had to work, so i spent the rest of the day with friends (we went back to the beach... then they took me out to dinner! so sweet. so grateful for good friends!) then later, Tyler and i made pizzas together + opened the gifts he got me. he spoils me rotten, i have no idea how i got so lucky! i love him. 

such a fun day! cheers to 21, an awesome bday, and 100 pictures to prove it :)

 ^^^ super cool shot of the crabs!

and a few pics from dinner with my ladies!

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  1. Happy birthday Keena!!!!! So glad to hear you got spoiled ;)