Virginia as of late

happy Wednesday! im here today to share a few photos that haven't made it up on the blog yet, of our time here in Virginia. lots of random memories Tyler and i have made here, that of course must be documented. probably not the best quality on a few but yet here they are... in all their glory!

to start with the photos up above... the beautiful beach houses down at Sandbridge beach-- more private/secluded than the oceanfront! the boss hamburgers Tyler and i made together a few Sundays back, a pic from our little bike ride on Sunday, and the book i just finished reading even though it was heart breaking, can't wait to see the movie.

^^^ a shot from an early morning beach trip... ft Tyler's white chest haha. lol he has barely seen the sun since he's been selling all day everyday! farmers tan status.

^^^ working from home is a change for me but defnitely has its perks. 

^^^ celebrating on a night Tyler got a few sales! woo woo!

 ^^^ Lyndsi, Riley and i down at Sandbridge! we spent the night there and had the best beach day ever. layed out all the day long. pure bliss! love these girls.

 ^^^ delish. from a local diner!

 ^^^ from another Sunday night. headed over to the lake and had the best late night chats while dipping our toes in the water and chillin on the dock. i love him so much.

 ^^^ another pic of my girls & i at Sandbridge! super pretty. i love.

 ^^^ Sunday walks are the best.

 ^^^ soooooo pretty, eh?

 ^^^ from another beach day! i mean, what else would we do on a Saturday while our husbands sell from 10-10??? may as well get a nice tan hehe. 

LIFE IS SO GOOD. and i am blessed.

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