back in Utah!

heyyyyyo! wow its been awhile. i realize i have not blogged a single thing since being back in Utah. haha, oops! life has seriously been crazy. seriously insane! im just happy i have these few minutes to share a little bit about whats going on as of late.

as for the pics above... there are a few of Mia and i in our ShopStevie attire. we are REPS together -- follow my account, here! she has the cutest clothes. also a pic of Christian, Tyler and i at the MTC on Wednesday. he is going to Everett, WA to serve the Lord and i am seriously so excited for him! and lastly, my girls and i at Madi's bridal shower. so many weddings these days!

^^^ see what i mean??? i love Stevie's clothes! so cute.

 ^^^ sibling and family pics after Christian gave his farewell talk. 

 ^^^ post wedding hopping hehe. we went to 3 that night!

^^^ Tyler and i at the Temple again. we had to go 3 months without! Virginia needs a temple. 

 ^^^ pre-pop up shop! they are so much fun.

 ^^^ at Aubrey and Conner's wedding! we are so happy for them. loved seeing them get sealed too.

^^^ daily feast. i am loving Al Fox's book!

^^^ taking Christian to the MTC!! i am so proud of him. he is going to be the best missionary ever.

 ^^^ a few more pics of us in darling Stevie clothes. you could definitely say im obsessed. 

we're currently up in Seattle, WA with my fam for a last end of summer vacation before school starts! we have so much fun up here. i'll be sure to post lots of pictures :) happy sunday!

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