cactus forest + downtown florence

hi friends! happy thanksgiving BREAK! i can't even tell you how happy Tyler and i are to not have school this week. seriously. soooooooo nice. i am already dreading going back next monday lol. but hey! only 2 weeks left! 

anyways... we just finished up with an awesome 4 day road trip in Arizona with the Peery fam! so much fun packed into those four days. we left Friday night for St. George... spent the night there with Tyler's aunt and headed down to AZ with the fam in the morning! we spent Saturday + Sunday down in Gilbert visiting Tyler's mission which was super fun :) we of course visited cactus forest as well as Florence -- one of Tyler's areas. i have lots more pics from our other adventures from today and yesterday as well that ill share later! but how COOL is this place?

so pretty down there! we were on the road again Monday morning for more adventures... which i will share more about soon. happy Tuesday! xx

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