1 month down

we have officially been in Virginia for 1 month! 1/4 done. pretty much. we're not staying the entire month of August (gotta get back for school!) but we basically have 3 more months :) 

it has been quite an adventure so far. super fun, but also hard. its hard to move somewhere new! especailly across the country. Tyler jumped right in to selling for Vivint, and though there have been many hard days he has done super well so far. he's really getting the hang of it and making many sells weekly! which is awesome. i have been working as well -- its so different to work from home! i coordinate/schedule pop up shops for ShopStevie and i have loved it so far. 

things we currently enjoy: watching House, dreaming/planning future vacations, working out/running together everyday, baking, mexican food, and discovering new beautiful places (like this cute local lake) here in Virginia. also, Sunday's. the 1 day each week where we can spend the entire day together.

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