my amazing softap eyebrows!

hi guys! sorry it's been awhile. i swear right when school started Tyler and i have been so crazy busy! anyways.... heyyyyyy. if you follow me on instagram you know i recently got my eyebrows done... and i am so in love with them!!! i wanted to show you a little bit today on how it works + why i did it.

for a long time now i have wanted to get my eyebrows done. i have been filling them in since i can remember... and it's always such a pain! although i prefer them to look that way, i just don't have the time to perfectly do my eyebrows everyday! anyways, i've considered getting my eyebrows dont for awhile now but i couldn't decide which route i wanted to take. but after doing a little research i am so glad i went the softap route.

most people are familiar with microblading which is super popular! BUT, i got softap done on my eyebrows... which is different! so what is the difference? and why did i choose softap over microblading? and what are the pros/cons?

softap permanent cosmetics is simply inserting permanent color into the skin. the softap needle configurations are designed for fast healing, maximum comfort and little to no touch-ups, while most importantly, creating the most natural and beautiful eyebrows.

1. choose your color and shape! -- Taby @pc_by_taby did such a good job helping me decide what i wanted and how i wanted them to look!
2. skin is penetrated with a prong -- many people wonder if this hurts. it honestly just feels like you are getting your eyebrows tweezed! Taby numbs them for you with a cream too.
2. softap pigment is applied -- the pigment is made with all natural minerals (which is why softap lasts longer than microblading!
4. strokes for base and touch ups/detail work -- Taby gives you a mirror throughout the procedure to make sure you are liking the way its turning out! 





Q: is this a real tattoo?
A: the softap procedure actually only affects the first few layers of skin, which means it will eventually fade. softap usually lasts 3-5 years! it is recommended you get a touch up every other year to maintain the color! 
Q: how bad does it hurt?
A: well i went in thinking it didn't hurt at all lol haha but it does just feel like you are getting your eyebrows plucked! but Taby does numb them continually throughout the procedure
Q: how long does it take to heal?
A: 7-10 days! they will scab over a bit while you apply a vaseline like product. then in 6 weeks, you have a touch up appointment.
Q: how much does it cost?
A: $350. and it's worth every penny. some permanent cosmetic procedures may cost more or less, but this is pretty standard. this amount comes with the initial appointment + the touch up!
Q: be honest. are you glad you did it?
A: YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES. they look wayyyyy better than i have ever made them look, and they look natural! i recommend this to anyone and everyone! 
if you have any questions, ask! Taby does an amazing job, and you can reach/follow her here:
facebook -- P.C. by Taby // instagram -- @pc_by_taby // phone -- 385-210-4797

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