autumn life

hi friends! it's been awhile. and to be honesty, i haven't even had a second of time to blog haha. i actually should be doing homework right now... but i seriously haven't posted pictures over here in forever! or written about LIFE!!

fall is in full swing over here in happy valley Utah. it got super chilly one morning and the chill has yet to leave us. but i'm actually in love with it. although i am NOT ready for winter! but Tyler and i have made several trips up the mountains lately, and i am so glad we have. because wow. UTAH IS RAD.

so anyways, here are a few photos of fall. + just life in general.+ st. george this past weekend! i was too busy to take other pics but i did get a few of Tyler and i in front of the beautiful red rock, and one of the temple. we got to babysit the 4 cutest kiddies over General Conference weekend... and although it was exhausting i loved it so much! miss those kiddies already.

ps: wasn't #LDSCONF just simply AMAZING???? Tyler and i have been relistening to all the talks -- lol.. we could only get so much out of them over the weekend with all the screaming kiddies! -- but wow. i am so grateful for the guidance we have.


  1. That grey sweater is sooo cute! Where is it from?? Also love these pictures. Fall in Utah looks beautiful.

    1. thanks so much girl! i got it at H&M while on my mission in Toronto :) it really is beautiful here!